Diagnostic Network

Discussion Stream

By default, the stream of discussions on our homepage shows messages across all topics. You can select a different filter in the dropdown box available on the homepage. For example, you could select "Watched Topics" to only show you discussions started in topics you have chosen to watch. You could choose "My Discussions" to filter down to discussions you have started. Or you could choose a specific topic or make to filter the stream. You can also enter keys to filter down to discussions matching those words, for the topic or topics you have selected.

Discussion Topics

We have a wide variety of topics to help classify new discussions. You can select up to two topics when starting a discussion. If you would like to add a second topic, begin typing the name of the second topic, and select the desired topic.

Watched Topics & Notifications

If you're interested in a topic, you can choose to "Watch" it. This allows you to filter down to messages in these topics, by choosing the "Watched Topics" filter on the homepage. You can adjust the topics you're watching via the Watching tab in the settings area (by default, new members have all topics set as watched). You'll receive an email notification when a new discussion is started in a topic that you're watching. You can turn adjust your notification preferences if you don't want to receive those emails.

Watching Discussions

If you're interested in keeping tabs on a discussion, press the "Watch" button at the top of the discussion page to enable this feature. You will receive a notification when any new replies are posted to this discussion going forward. (In the near future you will be able to pull up all watched discussions via the discussion stream filter on the homepage.)

Message Editing

Tap the button on any of your messages to edit them. When finished editing, tap the "Save Changes" button. When looking at an edited message, you'll see a designation near the message timestamp indicating that it has been edited.

Note that Diagnostic Network employees are able to edit messages, but will only do so when it's deemed necessary to fix technical or metadata problems with a message, such as adding or correcting a vehicle, DTCs, etc., or to fix content in coordination with the author. We will never change the content or wording of your message without your permission.

Planned Improvements: We are saving the revision history of all messages that are edited, including changes by our staff, and will eventually expose that so everyone can see what has been changed, and by whom. We will soon start notifying participants when a message they have replied to or up/down-voted has been edited. We are also considering allowing users to suggest edits of messages they didn't write, with the goal of everyone helping each other post the most accurate information possible.

Voting on Messages

Our goal is to use message voting to incentivize beneficial discussions, and disincentivize negative ones, while enabling our staff to focus on improving the community instead of intermediating conversations. Over time we will use up- and downvotes as signals to help members improve their questions and contributions, and to allow us to reward positive contributors. Messages that receive too many downvotes will be hidden from view by default, but will be able to be surfaced if the reader so chooses.

You can upvote or downvote any message except your own. We encourage upvoting messages that you think are positive, and downvoting messages that are not. Soon we will expand this functionality to allow you to signal why you are up- or downvoting the message, so that we can relay this information to those contributing to the discussion.

If a message is not harmful and you simply disagree with the author, please respond and respectfully explain your position, instead of downvoting.

We'll keep tweaking our voting formula over time to foster civil and respectful discussion among members.

Vehicles, DTCs, and Symptoms

Any discussion that is related to a specific vehicle should have a vehicle attached to it (as well as any DTCs or symptoms related to the issue). We have a VIN decoder in place to help with building a vehicle to attach to your discussion.

You can also build the vehicle manually by typing in the year followed by the make or model, then choose the correct vehicle. In the future, these vehicles, DTCs and symptoms will be searchable, allowing you to pull up past discussions on specific or related vehicles.

Formatting Messages

If you're using one of our recommended browsers (a recent release of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox), you will be able to utilize the rich text editing tools when composing a message. You'll be able to format text with bold, italics, bulleted lists, link text, and more. We recommend that you use these tools sparingly, or your message could become harder to read.

Supported File Formats

Currently we support attaching most image file formats to your messages. Soon we will offer support for attaching documents, videos, audio files, and diagnostic tool data files. You can also link to YouTube, Vimeo and videos on other popular services, and those videos will be embedded and playable directly from the discussion.

Saving a Message Draft

Drafts of your messages are autosaved every few seconds seconds as you are typing. You can also press the "Save" button to close the message editing window and save a draft immediately. You can return to edit your draft at any time, from any device you're logged into.

Need More Help?

If you have any feedback, questions, bug reports, or feature requests, please post a message in the "Diagnostic Network" topic, or contact us directly.