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Open Groups
Automotive Podcasts Discuss your favorite automotive podcasts and podcast episodes. Hosts and participants of automotive podcasts are welcome to post previews of upcoming episodes and discuss them afterward. (Podcast Hosts: Please limit your discussions to one announcement per episode, and please don't cross-post to any topics.)
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Franks European service TeamFranks.
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High Voltage - Hybrid & Electric Vehicles High Voltage: Hybrid & Electric Vehicles is a user group for those interested in the fast-moving field of vehicle electrification. Whether it’s hybrid, plug-in hybrids or full electric it’s obvious that high voltage vehicle systems are here to stay and are changing at a rapid pace. The group is open to all and we welcome anyone looking for help or willing to share their knowledge and experience.
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Retired Techs Discussion group for folks retired or nearing retirement.
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Snapon Zeus This group is here to help keep members updated with its growing platform, and keep us abreast as to any of the software updates and or issues that arise. It shall also be used to discuss any add on features and or tips one has discovered with the tool. Helping each other increase the awareness in and around the Zeus platform will go a long way towards us all succeeding. Note: This group is unaffiliated with Snapon. Snap-on and Zeus are trademarks belonging to Snap-on Incorporated.
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Trained By Techs To improve the automotive service industry through networking, education, and industry awareness. We invite you to post, ask, discuss, and add any useful information here.
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Closed Groups
GM Truck Tech Chat A group for networking with other automotive technicians about everything GM trucks. This group also has a messenger group under the same name to increase its networking power.
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Partner Groups
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ASE - Automotive Service Excellence
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ATG - Automotive Training Group
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ATMC - ASE Training Managers Council
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ATS - Automotive Test Solutions
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CTI - Carquest Technical Institute
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Disaster Support In partnership with PTEN, this user group is for members to coordinate and help each other in response to disasters like COVID-19. Post requests/offers for help, bounties, tips, etc. <a href="">Learn more.</a>
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Future Tech Auto
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Opus IVS Opus Intelligent Vehicle Support (IVS) combines Autologic, Drew Technologies, Bluelink and Farsight on a mission to help independent shops and technicians repair complex vehicle technology.
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Pico Technology
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TST - Technician Service Training
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WTI - WORLDPAC Technical Institute
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